My name is Jamie.
I draw pictures,
usually of folks
with big hands
and flailing arms.
This is where I keep
these silly drawings.
Designing furniture
and products is
my grown up job:

Happy Safe Cycling Birthday Brother Ben

Road Trip!

Happy Holidays 2013

Happy Holidays

Monkey's Fist

Happy Holidays!

Common Magazine Drawing

Pedal, Pedal, Pedal

Alice Summer

Happy Holidays

Hedgehog To The Duck


Aunty Jo Counting Cash

Wedding Card For Ben & Jo

Bob, Bob, Bob..

The Rough Issue

Rough Sketch For The Rough Issue

Card For Alice

Oooh, What's This?

Head Office Of A Brewery

Ben's Bike & New Teeth


Ben's Bike

Tom In Oz

A Little Man For A Little Man (Louis)

Mother Fishing


Alice Walker & Edward Walsh

Tom Talks Metal

Can Crusher

Theodore, Largest Ears I Ever Saw

Fitting Together

Tom And The Lacoste Crocodile

Seasons Greetings

Happy Birthday Henrik


Tom's London